About PropScore

PropScore is a sponsorship proposal evaluation tool that allows you to easily compare proposals across any industry and determine if a proposal aligns with your company’s objectives, brand, and target market. Think of PropScore as the credit score for sponsorship proposals. Watch the video to learn more.

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Why PropScore


Easily evaluate how each individual asset aligns with your company’s brand, objectives, and target market.

Gain Insight

Gain insight to the pros and cons of each proposed asset.

Compare Proposals

PropScore allows you to compare any sponsorship proposal from any industry.

Dominate Negotiations

Receive expert recommendations to help dominate negotiations.

Proposal Value

PropScore provides the true value of the sponsorship proposal based on your company’s objectives.

Save Time

PropScore does all the heavy lifting to evaluate the proposal.


PropScore provides unique and impactful ways to leverage each asset.


PropScore suggests alternative assets that would better align with your company’s target market and strategy.

Save Money

PropScore allows you to easily select the most efficient and impactful assets and sponsorships.


PropScore evaluates sponsorship proposals by focusing on your company’s objectives, utilizing PropScore’s proprietary algorithm, and leveraging its extensive industry experience. Each asset in the proposal is individually evaluated and then evaluated as a whole.


Call to discuss objectives, target market, campaigns, etc.

Submit the proposal to be evaluated.

PropScore presents the report to you and your team.

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Minimum of 4 Assets
2 Revisions per PropScore
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16 PropScores per Year
Unlimited Revisions
Full PropScore Evaluation
Unlimited Assets
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17+ PropScore Orders
Unlimited Revisions
Full PropScore Evaluation
Unlimited Assets
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